WavePad Masters Edition 12.02 for Windows

WavePad Masters Edition is an audio editing software that will allow you to both record and edit an unlimited number of tracks with total freedom, giving the final result a professional finish.

Thanks to its multitrack interface, you can work with as many files as you want simultaneously, which makes WavePad Masters Edition an essential tool for podcast editing processes, since it greatly facilitates trimming, cutting, copying and pasting between tracks. .

Among many other functions WavePad Masters Edition also includes a large number of effects applicable to your audio files; from essential background noise reduction to normalization of peaks on tracks, as well as more advanced tools that allow you, among other things, to completely edit the surround effect settings of your projects or adjust the volumes of the frequencies with a Graphic equalizer.

One of the greatest attractions of WavePad Masters Edition is its surprisingly intuitive interface, which will make this program a perfect tool for both more amateur users and those performing much more complex editing processes. In addition, the program works with most audio formats.


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