WhatsApp Desktop 2.2049.9 (64bit) para Windows

One of the problems of the web version of WhatsApp to use on our PC is its obvious dependence on the browser we are using. Luckily there is this totally independent version of the client that we can execute in a window and that incorporates all the characteristics of the client.

As in the web version, it will be necessary to synchronize our mobile client with the program through the QR code to which we must take a photo from WhatsApp itself for smartphones, using the option for this purpose in the contextual menu. After this, all the conversations, sessions and contacts that we have will be synchronized and we will be able to interact with them from our PC easily.

We can manage groups, send and receive files and even use the camera integrated in our equipment (if we have one) to send the videos and photographs that we take. The only limitation is the one already exposed; the need to have the client on our Android or iOS device and previously synchronize the information from there.

WhatsApp launches its official desktop client for PC

WhatsApp gave us a joy at the beginning of 2015 with the launch of the web client that allowed us to use the instant messaging client on any PC regardless of its architecture without having to resort to tricks with Android emulation. Although it is still quite late, they are now taking a new step again, offering us the official desktop client for Windows and Mac that, although it is based on the aforementioned version for browsers, can make life easier for many people.

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