WinHex 20.1 – Download Free

WinHex is a hexadecimal editor that shows the content of any file using the base 16 numbering system. Discover the advantages of using WinHex.

Full hexadecimal editor.

Any of the files that you can think of (photos, videos, applications, documents …) are stored on the hard drive in digital form. So all this information is memorized on the hard drive with ones and zeros.

WinHex utility

Using binary numbers to represent any information is very cumbersome due to the length of the strings. Thus, it is more practical to use the hexadecimal notation. WinHex It can be useful for low-level data processing, file recovery, or even computer forensics.

WinHex incorporates practical functionalities:

  • Find and replace text.
  • Insert placeholders.
  • Manage templates.
  • RAM Edition.
  • Direct access to the calculator.
  • Hexadecimal converter.

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