WinPing 1.61 for Windows – Download

WinPing is a very simple program that will allow us to check or measure any connection, either within a local network or through the Internet. Ideal for any user who has a server on the Internet (especially useful for private video game servers) and wants to quickly measure response times.

The reasons for using WinPing ahead of other similar programs are quite compelling. On the one hand, the program only weighs a few kilobytes (less than 1mb) and does not require installation. That is, we can use it instantly on any computer and carry it on any type of USB memory. And on the other hand, it consumes very few resources, it is very easy to use and it is translated into more than a dozen languages.

WinPing is a small, simple and effective program, thanks to which we will be able to check any connection in a matter of seconds. A very interesting alternative to the usual Windows Ping.


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