Wireshark 3.4.2 – Download Free

Wireshark is a program that allows network administrators analyze network traffic, being able check the amount of data that is sent and received for each of the connected devices. One of the program’s greatest attractions is that it is compatible with practically any protocol and shows the user all the relevant information through a very clear and orderly interface.

The best network protocol analyzer

The program shows us, in addition to the IP address and DNS, other very useful information (TCP, ICMP, IPX or UDP), and is compatible with the standards BOOTP, DHCPv6, SCTP, SSL, ZRTP, FIP, GPRS LLC, OPCUA y Kerberos.

This tool allows you to capture data in real time, to later be able to analyze it offline, can be extended by plugins and allows the information to be exported in XML, PostScript, TXT o CVS.

It is an application designed to be used by network experts and in a professional environment, so many users may not be able to take advantage of it enough.

If you are looking for a LAN network analysis program that is free, stable and versatile, download and install Wireshark.

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