Wise Registry Cleaner 10.3.4 for Windows

Wise Registry Cleaner is a more than valid option when it comes to cleaning the Windows registry of errors and useless entries. The program works under a pleasant and very intuitive graphical interface in which we will have no problem using the options that are incorporated.

Wise Registry Cleaner allows you to search the registry by filtering by type of entry, something for which it enables a small browser on the left margin in which we will only have to check the boxes corresponding to the classes of obsolete entries that we want remove.

In addition, and since the manipulation of the registry is something delicate to carry out, Wise Registry Cleaner establishes a small distinction between the entries that can be safely deleted and those that are likely to cause problems for our system. To do this, the application assigns an icon to the entry that will indicate whether it belongs to the first group or the second.

Finally, as in any good registry cleaning tool, in Wise Registry Cleaner we find the essential possibility of making backup copies with the current configuration prior to detection and cleaning, so that we can easily recover it in case of that the system suffers.


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