WizTree 3.36 for Windows – Download

WizTree is a tool designed to analyze and scan the space on your hard drive in a fleeting way showing the files and folders that are using the most space on it.

With the information offered by this program, you will be able to locate and delete any file that is left on your hard drive and that also takes up valuable space.

WizTree reads the MFT of files directly from the disk, that is, the special hidden file that the system uses to keep track of all the contents of the hard disk. The exploration of all these folders avoids, incidentally, the poor performance of your computer.

Why can’t some of my discs be selected? WizTree obtains information by direct browsing of the MFT file, so it will not work with network drives, substituted drives, or drives without NTFS formatting.

Find all the files and folders that use the most space on your hard drive and get rid of them in the blink of an eye.


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