WO Mic 1.0 for Windows

WO Mic is a tool for Windows with which we can use our Android device as a microphone on the PC. In this way, we will not have to resort to one of these audio receivers that in most cases need to be connected by cable.

With WO Mic we will have the option of making the connection wirelessly to take full advantage of the benefits that Bluetooth technology brings us. In this sense, it will be enough to install the Android app on the smartphone and with the intention of making the connection between both devices.

The WO Mic interface is really straightforward and simple both in the PC program and in the mobile app. This will allow us to establish the microphone pairing without complications. However, at any time we can modify certain parameters so that the sound is as clear and crisp as possible. Of course, this will depend on the quality of the audio that our smartphone is capable of collecting.

WO Mic is a good solution if we don’t have a specialized PC microphone. By simply linking our smartphone we can collect audio using our smartphone and in this way we will transmit sound through the computer.


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