XAMPP 8.0.1-3 for Windows – Download

Anyone who has ever tried to mount an Apache server will have realized that it is not an easy task. If we also need to install a database manager like MySql, or a server-side language like PHP, then things get complicated. With XAMPP you can install Apache, PHP and MySql in just 5 minutes, forgetting about the long configuration processes that usually accompany the installation of this type of solution.

Apart from the three basic tools mentioned above, some utilities such as PHPmyAdmin, OpenSSL, PERL or Webalizer will also be installed that will allow you to unleash your developments for the network. Whether you want to set up a local server to carry out tests within your LAN, or if you want to set up a web server that serves pages or applications to the whole world, this is the fastest and easiest way to achieve it.

How to install our WordPress blog on a local server

WordPress offers us two alternatives when using it as a CMS to create our own blog: Let them host it themselves through WordPress.com or carry out an installation of it on their own server. In the latter case, and before looking for hosting offers on the web to get to work, we can carry out a local installation with which we can set up our blog and test all its functions before publishing it online. We explain how to do it.

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