Xenia – Xbox 360 Emulator 2020.12.12(D3D12) for Windows

Xenia is an Xbox 360 emulator that, although it is still far from being a finished product that any user can enjoy, it offers a solid base on which a very interesting project is being built. Bottom line: you can emulate games, but it’s still a relatively complex job.

To begin with, before using Xenia Emulator we must make sure we are working with at least Windows 8.1. The emulator is not compatible with Windows 7 (or earlier). Behind this first barrier of the operating system there is one more: it is necessary to have Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and Python 2.7 installed. Without them the emulator will not work.

Basically, and for all of us to understand each other, Xenia is a project in constant development, and although it can emulate some games correctly (there is a compatibility list on its official website), it is not compatible with most of them.

Xenia Emulator is a very interesting project for a fundamental reason: it is the first Xbox 360 emulator that really seems to be an Xbox 360 emulator. It goes without saying that you need a very powerful computer to even be able to try to load a video game.


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