XnView 2.49.5 for Windows – Download

XnView is a very complete tool that will allow you to perform a large number of actions with the photos of your computer. Among the outstanding functions of this program are the complete image viewer, its browser and the converter, which supports more than five hundred types of image formats so that you do not have any compatibility problems, whatever your file is.

The image viewer function will allow you to access the photographic content of your folders in hundreds of different ways. With thumbnail views, full screen, in FilmStrip, in the form of slides … You can also make snapshot comparisons by opening two or more files under the same conditions or filter the images by the criteria you need. Thanks to this filter system you can view only the photos you need in the simplest way.

On the other hand, XnView incorporates a powerful browser that will allow you to locate your images in a matter of seconds. Write the search term, dates, location, format, size or, in short, anything that helps you locate a specific file and XnView will offer you exactly what you need. With the element filter you can also make a screen to work only with those options that you need at any given time.

Along with all the previous functions, XnView also adds a photo editor that will allow you to crop, rotate, resize, adjust brightness, contrast, modify colors or apply effects to any image and also do it in batches. Thanks to this last function you will be able to modify hundreds of files without having to do it one by one, saving time at work.

Lastly, XnView offers unsurpassed compatibility. It will allow you to open and work with more than five hundred different image formats, so you will not have any problem when opening any file in this program. View and edit hundreds of images with this tool and save time and quality of life.


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