Xpdf 4.03 – Download Free

The format of PDF documents it is very widespread due to the facilities it offers when printing a document, since what you see is what you print, and the fact itself that documents in this format cannot be edited. In order to see these files in the command terminal, an application such as Xpdf.

In addition to the PDF file reader, Xpdf it also includes other additional applications as they are:

  • Conversor a PostScript.
  • Text extractor.
  • Information about the file.
  • And more…

Xpdf no installation required, which makes it a perfect PDF file viewer to take from one place to another on a USB key. You will only have to access the command terminal and make sure you have its control file in the directory indicated by the application.

Therefore, if you want to have a handy PDF file viewer on your computer, and be able to have it wherever you are, you just have to download Xpdf on your computer.

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