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Yandex.Browser is a Chromium-based web browser developed by Yandex, Russia’s leading web browser. Its main asset, in addition to what it means to be based on the same structure as Google Chrome, is an innovative interface totally different from the one we are used to.

The main difference lies in the integration of the web with the window, so that we will not see any navigation bar or frame in the windows, so if we use it in full screen, the immersion will be much greater. The different tabs that we open will be stacked at the bottom of the screen, leaving the upper margin to store all the icons of the installed extensions. This, together with the fact that the color of the header bar adapts to the style of the website we are browsing, make it an elegant tool.

After its easy installation we will be able to automatically export all our Chrome configuration, so without doing practically anything we will have all the extensions that we used together with the history or bookmarks installed and at our disposal.

Its so-called smartbox provides a somewhat different way to jump between windows and perform searches. By clicking on the top bar of the screen or opening a new tab, a search bar will appear by default (which we can customize with Google, Bing or Yandex itself), and which will show the results intelligently based on our history of navigation. Something like exporting the navigation results to a more pleasant interface.

Apart from this, it has all the basic features that can be requested from a browser along with other exclusive elements such as a hidden browsing mode that prevents the tracking of our online activity.

Russian browser Yandex Browser launches its open beta

Yandex is the most widely used web search engine in Russia with more than 60% share (well above Google) due to the browser’s ability to detect inflections typical of the language in the search bar. It has been a few years since they launched their own browser in alpha phase, but it has not been until now that the first open beta of Yandex Browser has just been published with an original navigation interface and the incentive of being based on Chromium.

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