Youtube Movie Maker 18.56 – Download Free

Youtube Movie Maker is a complete application for create videos that you can later upload to YouTube and manage with your user account in this famous portal.

Three-in-one tool to create, upload and manage your YouTube videos.

You also have a option to capture screenshots and create screencast, very useful if you want to do a video tutorial.

All the options you need to manipulate your YouTube videos

From the simple main interface of Youtube Movie Maker you can access each of the three main options:

  • Make Videos. Create your own productions from various videos, images, music and texts. Edit the result by adding subtitles, cropping the image, removing parts, overlaying a logo, adding borders, etc.
  • Upload Youtube Videos. Process the videos created in batches and upload them to YouTube.
  • Manage Videos. Easily manage the videos you have uploaded to YouTube. Modify, if necessary, title, tags, description or category.

For novice users, the application has a practical guided assistant thanks to which it is possible to follow the entire process step by step to obtain the best results.

Download Youtube Movie Maker and show your best video creations on YouTube.

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