YouTube TV 4.50.1 – Download Free

At this point, little presentation needs YouTube, the streaming video portal owned by Google and which has been reducing the productivity of millions of workers in their companies for more than 10 years, interrupting the study sessions of millions of students, flooding the Internet with kittens and making you stay up very late while saying that about one more video and I turn off. Well yes, my friends, this Internet monster that serves to consume all kinds of audiovisual content has a subscription television service.

What is YouTube TV?

This is the name of the invention that the video web has launched and that allows access to a selection of television channels that become available online and in streaming. For now, there are 40 channels to which access is offered, among which we find general and thematic cable and pay channels: ABC, NBC, ESPN, FX, Syfy, Sports Network, National Geographic or Fox, among others.

Ok, but in addition to functioning as an online television platform, why should you register as a user? Basically because it has advantages that other services do not offer you, such as cloud recording without space limit of any program or broadcast and that you can later play wherever you want.

Your favorite cable television networks are now online.

Remember that it is not an alternative service to HBO or Netflix, since they work as on demand television, but rather as an alternative to cable television platforms such as those of Vodafone or Movistar.

Main features

  • Recording function with unlimited storage.
  • 6 users per account with separate credentials.
  • 3 simultaneous streams per account.
  • Chromecast and Google Home compatibility.

Versions for iPhone and Android have been launched that allow you to enjoy this service on smartphones and tablets. That is, you can record what you want to see and play it anywhere.

How much does it cost? 35 dollars a month but it has one drawback, and that is for now the service is only available in some large cities in the United States. When will it be available YouTube TV in Spain? For now it is anyone’s guess.

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