Zer0 0.23 for Windows – Download

When we delete files from our computer, we are not always deleting them completely. When a file is sent to the recycle bin, the PC does not delete it but interprets that the space it occupied is already free to be able to overwrite it.

If we do not occupy this space, the files we delete can be recoverable with any program dedicated to it. Zer0 is a tool designed to permanently delete files with a high level of security to ensure that another user who uses your computer cannot recover them.

With Zer0, you will be able to delete files and avoid file recovery by a third person. So far, no user reported an efficient method to recover a file deleted with Zer0.

We all have our reasons for deleting a file that we do not want to see the light of day again and it would be a nuisance if a third person recovered it. With Zer0 this will never happen to you, just by inserting the elements that you want to lose sight of, they will be permanently deleted in a couple of seconds.


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