Zombie Tsunami 4.5.0 – Download Free

Controlling a tide of zombies is what you can do if you download Zombie Tsunami. You will leave with a lonely and unique zombie who, as he bites more people, will unite zombies to his cause.

Fight for the aspirations of no dead people.

That’s right, this time the zombie is you and humans are your prey. Chase them down and make them one of your own to finally take control of the planet. In your heroic crusade you will count on help in the form of bonuses and special powers. Extend the zombie apocalypse with Zombie Tsunami!


  • Chase humans to bite them and add them to your horde.
  • Try to survive always having at least one zombie.
  • Powers and special bonuses.
  • More than 300 different missions.
  • 9 different scenarios.

Download Zombie Tsunami for Windows and make them feel the fear of a zombie planet.

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