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Cuevana, Flixtor or Popcorn Time are programs that have become fashionable recently and that allow access to a large catalog of movies and series online. They do it through connections to torrents and they can achieve a good speed as well as great image quality. But they have gotten a competitor that is based on the same operation but offers much more content And it is Zone.

This platform is capable of gathering all your leisure.

Zone is a multimedia content playback client in streaming based on the P2P protocol. It is not just limited to offering movies and series, which has them by the thousands, but also provides access to television channels, music, radio, sports and games online. It is therefore a free entertainment platform with enormous potential.

What does Zona offer?

  • More of 6,000 movies.
  • More of 5,000 episodes of series.
  • More of 300 television channels.
  • More of 1,000,000 hours of music from the social network VK.com.
  • More of 500 radio stations.
  • Live sports.
  • Games online.

One simple interface to control everything

In Zone we found one interface a little more complete than that of programs of its category. We can navigate through the different categories of content offered and filter their results by different criteria. Of course, it also offers manual search.

Download Zone and access a gigantic leisure catalog.

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