ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2021

When we connect our equipment to a private LAN or to the Internet, we open a door to the outside where we can be victims of an attack or a theft of private data. To combat these threats there are firewall, also known as firewalls. One of the best free firewalls is ZoneAlarm Free Firewall.

He firewall most downloaded in the world.

A quality firewall

This kind of tools control all incoming and outgoing connections of our PC, keeping us informed about all of them and preventing those that we do not want from occurring. Before Windows systems and most antivirus systems had a built-in firewall, ZoneAlarm Free became popular as a competent firewall with a friendly interface that was also completely free.

ZoneAlarm Free is still one of the best firewalls out there. Little brother of ZoneAlarm’s protection products lacks antivirus and features antispyware, focusing solely on detecting and blocking strange connections.

Other features

Complemented by one of many antivirus and antispyware available on the market, you can offer the same levels of protection as payment solutions. As a firewall, it has as many options and effectiveness as the most expensive options on the market, allowing us to establish all kinds of rules through a friendly interface. Its very interesting ability to control our email, preventing any bot send emails to our contacts without our permission.

One of the best firewalls out there, and also free.

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