Zoom Cloud Meetings 5.4.7 for Windows

Zoom is a tool for Windows with which we can make calls and conferences with high broadcast quality. In addition, we are facing a program with which the transmission possibilities are wide for both the sender and the receivers.

The Zoom interface is designed so that we can combine the use of the program on a PC, smartphone or tablet. This is really useful since we can install the tool on multiple platforms to use it anytime, anywhere. In this case, when we open it on our computer, we can configure the camera and microphone until the quality is as optimal as possible.

At Zoom, we can’t just connect with our co-workers or friends. Apart from using video and audio, we can share the screen or modify the background as a chroma to personalize each broadcast. On the other hand, we also have the option of inviting our contacts through simple links to any meeting. At the same time, we can also share screen, audio or simply one of the tabs that we have open in the browser.

Zoom is a fairly effective and complete tool with which we can make video calls and conferences with ease. The large number of customization options, its security and the quality of broadcast without cuts are factors of weight to use this program.


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