ZoomIt 4.52 – Download Free

At the time of make a presentation using our PC As the main tool, it is important to have an application like PowerPoint, but it never hurts to have a tool at hand that allows us enlarge certain areas of the screen and with which we can write on it as if it were a blackboard.

Improve the way you present using your computer

ZoomIt It is ideal for this type of task, since by means of a series of keyboard shortcuts we can enlarge the area of ​​the screen that we want, being able to apply more or less zoom using the mouse wheel, in addition to being able write or draw directly on what we are seeing.

The application is kept in the system tray at all times, so at any time we can modify any parameter (color and thickness of the pencil, font size or keyboard shortcuts).

Another attractive option of this tool is the power schedule countdowns by the time we get into mode zoom. So once the time is up, everything returns to the previous state and appearance, which can be optimal for small explanations.

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