Zorbus 46 for Windows – Download

Zorbus is a traditional style ‘roguelike’ in which players can delve into the depths of a procedurally generated dungeon, in order to find a portal to the mythical land of Zorbus, in which a mere mortal is capable of ascend to divinity.

Both the game system and the controls of Zorbus are classics of the genre. With the numeric keyboard we can move our character freely through the dungeon, so that to attack we will only have to try to move over a square occupied by an enemy. From the options menu, in any case, we can see all the available commands and, if we want, we can change them.

Every time we start a new game, as is the norm in ‘roguelike’, the scenario will be generated completely randomly. In this way we will never play the same game twice. Zorbus dungeons are also inhabited by creatures with a very interesting artificial intelligence, which will make them flee if they are in danger, seek reinforcements, or chase us tirelessly, depending on the situation.

Zorbus is an excellent old-school roguelike, with a clean and elegant presentation, a D20-inspired rule system but with a personality of its own, and an infinite number of dungeons in which to loot treasure … and possibly die.


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